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Our Trading Platform

Real-time Trades

The fastest platform to strategically buy and sell your orders.

One Platform, All Devices

Trade anywhere on all of your gadgets. You can login through our website or by the "TradeX for PSE" app


Advanced Analysis

The best tool to analyze all the data needed to do the perfect trade.

Competitive Rates

Trade competitively with the lowest fees and take advantage on all the profitable trades.

Real-time Updates

Easy to Use

Desktop & Mobile Friendly

Invest with Us

The client comes first regardless of the size of investment. We offer the same quality service and support to all. 

Discover Our Platform

Get your chance to invest using top-notch instruments and analysis tools.


Mobile Alerts

Stay informed by setting up real-time alerts on your favorite stocks

Trade On The Go

Earn in the market by effectively trading anywhere you go.

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